What is Cryotherapy

Whole Body Cryotherapy is an innovative and advanced method of cold therapy involving 3 minutes of skin exposure to temperatures between -150°C to -180°C.

This invention was first utilized in Japan in 1978 by Dr. Toshiro Yamauchi to treat rheumatic diseases. But studies conducted over the last two decades have established cryotherapy as a powerful adjunct treatment for reducing symptoms of pain and inflammation associated with a number of chronic conditions. Furthermore, cryotherapy significantly enhances overall health and wellness, improves recovery time for athletes, treats skin conditions, and helps to lose weight. Please visit our benefits section for more details about all the benefits.

During the 3 minutes of a whole body cryotherapy session, the skin senses the extreme cold and signals the brain to go into “fight or flight” mode. Blood rushes to the core to reheat the vital organs and maintain core temperature. As your blood vessels begin vasoconstriction and heavy circulated blood on an internal tract, red blood cells are enriched with full of oxygen, nutrients, and enzymes, while toxins are flushed out. The brain will trigger a release of endorphins, adrenaline and other hormones, which helps reduce pain and stress.

Upon the session concluding, blood flow back from internal tissues towards the skin’s surface. Blood with full of oxygen, nutrients & enzymes reaches each and every cell of the body which help you to reboot yourself. Over the next 24 hours, the process of restoration occurs. The body returns to its former state but now with increased energy and reduced pain and inflammation.

Cryotherapy immediately improves blood circulation, metabolism, immune system, the body’s natural ability to batter heal itself and eliminates toxins. This is radical, non-invasive option is for people seeking exceptional results for overall health and wellness.

Famous Personalities Using Cryotherapy

What Happens To Your Body?


Liquid nitrogen mist blows into the Cryopod and cools it up to -180° C. During this process, your skin’s surface temperature decreases from 34 ° to 1 °, while keeping your internal body temperature intact.


The skin reacts to the cold and your body protects your internal organs by pushing blood to the core where it circulates. This sends messages to your brain that acts as a stimulant to the regulatory functions of your body.


As your blood vessels begin vasoconstriction and circulate blood on an internal tract, red blood cells are enriched with oxygen, nutrients and enzymes, while toxins are flushed from peripheral tissues.


Upon the session concluding, enriched blood is pumped from the internal organs to the skin’s surface tissues, muscle tissues and joints, and endorphins are released which provide pain relief to affected areas.


Up to the next 24 hours, the enriched blood continues to be flushed through your body as you experience the healing benefits of cryotherapy.

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