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The Cryo-Arctic Facial is a relaxing, non-invasive treatment using a controlled stream of cold nitrogen vapor on the face, neck, and scalp. The treatment boosts blood flow to all three areas accelerating collagen production and releasing toxins. The collagen decreases pore size and wrinkles resulting in a clearer, smoother and tighter appearance. Repeated facial sessions will increase the natural production of collagen, a protein which allows the skin to be more elastic overtime, reducing and even eliminating wrinkles and other blemishes. The increased blood flow also reduces toxins, inflammation and puffiness in the face and eyes. Treatment on the scalp stimulates hair follicle growth for a thicker, healthier head of hair.

The Cryo-Arctic Facial has also proven to be effective on clients with eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, scarring and other inflammatory skin issues. Upon completion, users immediately report their skin feeling tighter and smoother. 

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