My Story:

name is Sean Dawson and I am the owner of Cryo-Arctic Cryotherapy.  My mission in starting this business was to find a way to relieve pain and inflammation in the body without taking medication

In 2010 I had a career-ending plumbing injury and severely injured the thoracic region of my spine. I  also suffered from discoid lupus (autoimmune disease) and chronic inflammation for over 25years. For two years the doctors gave me all kinds of painkillers and muscle relaxers and this was the only way I could manage the pain. I wasn’t a candidate for surgery so basically they said here is a handful of pills and this is your life. My quality of life plummeted and to be honest I lost hope, that there was any possibility of things getting better. I woke up one morning and looked in the mirror and didn’t even recognize myself. I realized that the medication was not working for me and it was time to take control of my life. That day I looked at myself in the eyes and said no more. I decided I would not put any more poison in my body. I proceeded to try alternative therapies such as,  massage, acupuncture, chiropractor, yoga, craniosacral therapy and although gave me temporary relief didn’t relieve pain totally. As fate would have it, one day a friend of mine called me and said, “turn on Shark Tank”. He told me there were some guys pitching Cryotherapy and he wanted me to look into it. Before the episode was over I googled and found one Cryotherapy center in all of New York. I went into the city the following morning and had my first Cryotherapy session. I said to myself are you really going go freeze yourself in -230 degree temperatures? I have always been a risk-taker and so I jumped in the chamber. It was extremely cold and luckily for me, the cryo-technician kept talking to me to keep my mind off what I was doing. I remember trying to gauge what it was I felt like after. I then was walking back to my car and all of a sudden had this overwhelming feeling of joy come over me. It was like someone had cut an arm off. It was the first time I hadn’t felt any pain in over 3 years. Cryotherapy changed my life that day and I said to myself if cryotherapy could change my life, it could help others as well.  Cryoarctic Cryotherapy was born that day.

“The more a man is able to heal himself both mentally and physically, the greater will be the good he will be able to do for others and for himself and therefore the greater will be his joy in life. This is his duty; but also he gains great help in uplifting his individuality by helping and healing others as he travels through life. It is the way, for by the practice of helping others he will secure both experience and strength by which he will be able to heal himself.”

Our Vision, Mission, Goal, Values


Initiating a new era of innovative, advanced and unique healthcare technologies and services across Westchester.


To help people enrich their health & wellness. To offer innovative, advanced and unique healthcare technologies and services. To strive and connect maximum people with the cause to ensure collective growth for all.


Build a better tomorrow by doing the best today. Build the people, build the business.


Ethics, Quality, and Trust are the core values that Cryo-Arctic is firmly grounded in.

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